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We are horror fans, and Site of the Dead is set up to be a zombie enthusiasts directory (or burial ground, if you will), celebrating zombie film soundtracks and posters. From classic to contemporary, from the great to the awful, from cult to the mainstream – it’s all here…..probably.

The goal is simple, to collect together as much information in one place on the soundtracks and the posters that have been used over the years in the zombie movie genre: from the early 1930s and 1940s voodoo-based zombie tales, through to the birth of the flesh-eating modern zombie horror and George A. Romero, via the Italian video nasties, all the way through to the present day.

The soundtracks and posters from the zombie movies are collected together and aggregated together by the year of the film’s release. If you want to dive straight in, then pick Zombie Movie Soundtracks or Zombie Movie Posters from the links below and start exploring.

Zombie Movie Soundtracks

Our love for horror soundtracks led us quickly into the zombie genre, and we set out to pull together a destination to explore these wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) soundtracks and score, and to create a place where you can explore how the soundtracks to these movies have evolved – from traditional orchestral scores, to soundtracks plundered from music libraries, to groundbreaking electronic experimentation and everything else in-between.

In each article we will collect together the album artwork, tell you a bit about the soundtrack or the composer, provide links to stream and listen legally to tracks from the soundtrack (or the full thing where possible), and we will also show you if it is still available for sale and where you can buy it from.

Latest Zombie Soundtracks

Zombie Movie Posters
Ahh, theatrical movie posters for zombie films – from the amazing and atmospheric illustrations to the downright cheap and awful, from skilled graphic designers, to friends of the director who just happened to have a camera – you’ll find them all here. Find all the latest zombie movie posters added below or browse the full list in date order here.

Zombie Posters latest added

Interview with horror soundtrack composers

We have also collected some of the more interesting interviews that we have found with the composers of many horror and zombie soundtracks (from Italian horror and Giallo classics, to video nasties, all the way to present day soundtracks).

You’ll find fascinating insights into the composition of zombie movie scores, discussions on the instrumentation and technology used (from moogs to mellotons), as well as stories on how many of the bands and composers came to be involved in the projects.

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