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Night of the Comet (1984): Soundtrack

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Night of the Comet (1984): Soundtrack
Night of the Comet soundtrack

Night of the Comet‘ is a US horror comedy written and directed by Thom Eberhardt and released in 1984. The film isn’t strictly a zombie film (although it has zombies in in it…hence its inclusion here), it is probably more accurate to call it an ‘apocalyptic-comedy-horror’….maybe.

The plot centers around a comet the is due to pass near Earth, in fact it comes so close to our planet that Earth actually passes through the tail of the comet. This event causes huge worldwide interest and people flock in crowds outside so they can observe this rare cosmic event. However, this spectacular cosmic event is not without consequences. The comet ends up wiping out most of humanity and also causes an outbreak of the undead.

Meanwhile, two sisters who missed the comet passing over and are unaffected by the effects of it, wake up in LA to find that most of the inhabitants have perished and all that is left roaming the streets are mutants, zombies, and some scientists and government agents.

Over the years the film has gained a cult following for its sense of humor and its homage/pastiche of apocalypse films and stories. This is a film firmly embedded in the 80s – from the hair, the style, and the music, which has only served to magnify its charms amongst fans.

At its heart, this is a B-movie (with big hair, girls, and guns), but one done with style, fun, and originality. The film was released with a PG rating, but that shouldn’t put off horror fans, there is still lots of fun to be had here (even if there isn’t gallons of gore on screen).

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack was arranged and produced by Don Perry and Bob Summers, who was behind the soundtrack for another 80s PG-rated ‘horror’ ‘One Dark Night‘ (1983).

The soundtrack for ‘Night of the Comet‘ is a basically a compilation album with original tracks from a variety of ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ artists of the time performing 80s pop tunes made for the film. It’s basically an anti-horror soundtrack, there are no dark and moody pieces, no brooding 80’s synths, no discordant pieces to unsettle the viewer – this is pure 80s pop and power-ballads.

Given that the film is packed full of cliches and stereotypes (in a fun way) it is fitting that the soundtrack is almost a perfect cliche of 1980s pop.

This soundtrack is a pure slice of 1980s perfection, and features numerous duets, synthesizer pop, and sugar-coated soft-rock so perfect that you can’t stop yourself conjuring up mental images of neon leg-warmers and big hair when you hear any of the tracks.

To get a taste of the soundtrack, listen to ‘Lady in Love’ by Revolver from ‘Night of the Comet‘:

Another popular track from the movie was ‘Learn to Love Again’ which is a duet sung by Chris Farren and Amy Holland – this track is used for the film’s ending and the closing credits. This is a pure 80s love song with soft-synths, earnest electric guitars in the background, all overlaid with love-struck lyrics – you can almost visualize an 80s pop video of a couple running in slow-motion along a beach, hand-in-hand, in soft-focus when you hear it.

Listen to ‘Learn to Love Again’ from ‘Night of the Comet‘ below:

The cheesiness and fun of the soundtrack has undoubtedly contributed to the lasting popularity of this film amongst particular age groups.


The soundtrack for ‘Night of the Comet‘ has only been officially released once – it was made available on Macola Records and released in 1984 on vinyl and cassette. This soundtrack release collected 10 of the main tracks from the movie and the track list can be seen below (and the album artwork can be seen at the top of this page):

1. Unbelievable
Written by: Gary Mallaber, John Massaro,
Byron Alldred
Performed by: Revolver

2. Learn to Love Again
Written by: Chris Farren
Performed by: Chris Farren & Amy Holland

3. Strong Heart
Written by: Skip Adams, Mark Bensi
Performed by: John Townsend

4. Let My Fingers Do The Talking
Written by: Kenny Lee Lewis, Diane Steinberg
Performed by: Stallion

5. Whole World Is Celebratin’
Written by: Chris Farren, Wayne Crawford
Performed by: Chris Farren

6. Hard Act To Follow
Written by: Michael Hanna, Diana DeWitt, James Pritchett
Performed by: Diana DeWitt

7. Virgin in Love
Written by: Thom Pace, Maria Hegsted
Performed by: Thom Pace

8. Tell Me Yourself
Written by: Gary Mallaber, John Massaro, Byron Alldred
Performed by: Revolver

9. Trouble
Written and Performed by: Skip Adams

10. Lady in Love
Written by: Bob Summers
Performed by: Revolver

The wonderful fan-site for ‘Night of the Comet‘ managed to also track down 7 extra tracks from the soundtrack after cassette tapes were unearthed by the music producers Bob Summers and Don Perry.

These tracks were not included on the original release on Mercola records and you can see them below:

Extra Tracks:
Making Me Blue – Jim Christopher
Living on the Edge (film version) – Jocko Marcellino
Never Give Up – Bobby Caldwell
Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Tami Holbrook
King County Woman – Doug Kershaw
Eyes on You – Jocko Marcellino
I’ll Take the Blame – Thom Pace

Listen to ‘I’ll take the Blame’ by Tom Pace, one of the extra tracks from ‘Night of the Comet’:

If you have a passion for slightly camp, 80s pop music then this soundtrack is made for you. If you are more of a Fabio Frizzi or John Carpenter type of horror soundtrack fan….well, give it a go, it’s good to diversify and be eclectic, right?

You can sometimes find second-hand copies of the soundtrack on Amazon or ebay.

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