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Uncle Sam (1996)

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Uncle Sam (1996)

Uncle Sam‘ is a US horror film that was released in 1996 and directed by William Lustig.

Despite having an undead protagonist, ‘Uncle Sam‘ is at heart a slasher movie. In fact, ‘Uncle Sam‘ draws a lot of parallels with William Lustig’s previous films, in particular the ‘Maniac Cop‘ series, where an undead/zombiefied central figure goes on a rampage as a serial killer applying dubious morals when selecting his victims.

The plot centers around a US army Sergeant who is killed in action during Desert Storm. His body is brought home back to America, and then on Independence Day, he rises from his coffin in the early hours, dresses up in a J. M. Flagg Uncle Sam style costume and kills people doing unpatriotic things. He starts by killing some teens in a graveyard who are desecrating some graves, and abusing a US flag in his burial ground.

More murders take place during the rest of the day as the town is celebrating the 4th July. People are beheaded, impaled on flag-poles, barbequed etc….but the 4th July celebrations continue despite the fact that people are getting killed. And that’s just one example of how realism isn’t a barrier for this movie.

It’s all crazy stuff with plenty of blood and a disjointed plot – for example, Sam’s young patriotic nephew who has aspirations to join the army establishes a mental link with him, but we aren’t really sure why or how this happens; because they are related? Maybe, because he is a patriot? Maybe……but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. This is dumb mayhem from start to finish.

Take your brain out and have a few drinks, and you might enjoy this. Otherwise you’ll find it full of gimmicks and a poor horror film in general.

It also stars Issac Hayes.

‘Uncle Sam’ Posters:

The posters the accompanied the release are pretty much what you would expect – an unsubtle take on the famous J. M. Flagg Uncle Sam image, but with the amended tagline “I want you……dead”.

That said, there was a stroke of genius – the film also had a small number of lenticular posters produced that showed a traditional looking Uncle Sam image morph into a zombified one as you walked past. Check out how the lenticular poster changes below:

‘Uncle Sam’ (1996) lenticular poster:

Uncle Sam 1996 lenticular poster

The rest of the posters and images that were used for commercial releases for ‘Uncle Sam’ can be seen below:

Uncle Sam 1996

Uncle Sam 1996 Watch the trailer for ‘Uncle Sam‘ below:

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